Saturday, May 16, 2015


A friend of mine ordered 50pcs of 24C02 EEPROMs in SO8 packages for really cheap and decided to just hand me 1/5 of them. Apparently he doesn't have any use for 2Kibits of memory.
Datasheet says it's in the quite usual form of 32 pages of 8 byte blocks. They are interfaced with a general two-wire serial interface. And unfortunately need to be addressed by a hard wired address of 3 bits. That allows for only 8 of them on a single bus.
So these little chips are just general 2Kbit EEPROMs.
Apparently I don't have any use for them either, they are too small in memory size and have a too big of a footprint to fit in any of my designs.
But they are cool to play around with.
So just for the learning experience I decided to add another project in my ever lengthening list of them: A RAID system of tiny EEPROMS.
I'm thinking it would better my understanding of the inter-workings of such a system. 8 memory devices in different RAID configurations.. or maybe even try implementing ZFS in an embedded system... Sounds fun.

I broke out one for testing.

And even auto-routed a mock-up PCB, still needs some resistors and capacitors but that's about how I envision it.