Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yubikey Neo

So, I have wanted to buy this nifty little device called Yubikey Neo for a long time now.
It does authentication over USB and NFC. Another layer of security for me.

But there has been a tiny little problem. The website said that they'll be releasing a new version 'soon'.
I checked the site today, as I have done irregularly for the last year or so, and finally found out that "Today, Yubico is releasing its YubiKey NEO with support for U2F and delivering it in two form-factors. This key will hold the promise of a significantly more secure online consumer experience, and a dramatic increase in enterprise security and ease-of-use." That was published October 13, 2014. Yesterday.

Well, it was about time.. Unfortunately all of my money is tied up right now. So that $50 purchase will have to wait..