Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Smartwatch update 0

So I ordered a few important parts:

No pictures as of yet, too soon for that. Datasheet links will have to suffice.

The mcu was chosen mainly for the availability. I couldn't get my hands on the newer one at any reasonable price. The Nordic Semiconductors seems to be the industry leader right now. And because I wanted an integrated solution this series seemed like the obvious choice. Not the most energy efficient but it'll do.

I also got a ceramic antenna that looked good enough and was also, available to me at a reasonable price.

The charger and gauge for monitoring and charging, respectively. Because I want it to be a one easy to handle unit.

All of the datasheets will be in a later post uploaded to my own hosting server and made readily available.

I have the major parts chosen for now. I will tell more about the development and my choices in a more detailed future post.

Cost so far: 30.57 USD
That's about 24€ out of my 30€ budget.
Probably could have gotten a few items cheaper... but oh, well. 
If I fabricate the pcb myself, that'll be right on the mark. If not, it'll go over by quite much.

20x Neodymium Disc 1/8" x 1/25" Super Strong Rare Earth Magnet 3x1mm
US $0.99

HTU21D Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout Board Module
US $3.89 + US $1.74 shipping

5V/3.3V 240x320 2.4" SPI TFT LCD Touch Panel Serial Port Module with PBC ILI9341
US $6.66

Free Shipping NRF51822 Bluetooth Module / Networking Module / Wireless Communication Module
US $6.69

Walsin RF Product 2.4GHZ Ceramic Antenna 1206 (3216) Size LTCC Multi Layer Chip Antenna - RFANT3216090A0T
US $2.00 / lot of 20

MAX1555 MAX1555E MAX1555EZK MAX1555EZK+T , TSOT-5,electronic components ,ICs, &Free Shipping
US $3.20

TDFN8 MAX17043G + T MAX17043 MAX17043G
US $5.40