Monday, October 6, 2014

I got lazy

So, I created this blog to talk about many projects that I have going on,  And apparently I only talked about 2 of them.
So here we go:


I am currently designing a smart-watch for my own purposes. It's going to help me keep organized by me scheduling my days notifications and this device displaying them. It's going to be really intrusive. It'll log my temperature and skin humidity, have a vibrating motor to notify me and a led to shine a bit of light. Maybe also a gyro.. It'll have a 2.4" touch screen, be mounted to my wrist with magnets that I'll at first glue to my skin and then later have 4-5 small titanium piercings that have a flat top (Idea comes from a few years ago here). It's going to have only one button, which wakes it up. Probably a thin self-made pcb and a lipo battery. Interfacing is done by usb and bluetooth. It's going to have a cradle that charges it. Probably also an adapter wire.

old LCD picture frame

So I have this old laptop that broke.. And it's now so broken that it takes more effort to keep repairing it than just scraping it. So I scrapped it and got this nice lcd panel that I am going to turn into a picture frame running android. Basically a tablet, not that I don't have a useless tablet already but this one is bigger and will have a purpose in its life: Picture storage and showcase.
It'll be of course controllable over wifi by another computer or smartphone..

bench-top power supply

I have been using an old 350W atx psu so far.. And it has served me good. But I feel like it's about time to give it a new life as a nice controlled bench psu with all the bells and whistles. A few buttons, rotary encoders, a display, a microcontroller and some control circuitry. Also a nice case :)

three monitor stand

I have been using 3 monitor for the last 3 years and they have always irritated me with their huge bases. So finally I'm going to do something about it. I already have debezeled them, I have nearly all of the components I need and it's just on hold because I'm lazy.

bigger desk

I moved. While moving I got new furniture, And because it was cheap, a cheap desk. It would be perfect for studying, it's 0,5 x 1,23 m ... But I'm a engineer with a workstation,3 monitors and need more workspace. So a new self-made custom desk is in the works.. More like being designed right now. And it'll take some time to actually get to making it because well.. Money.


I have a plan to fit every room in the apartment with speakers. Individually controlled and networked together wirelessly. Probably a server to control them all. Also I want to be able to control all of the lights wirelessly, all of the power outlets and some monitoring of when I'm home and in which room each person is. The system will include also heat control: I have a plan to install an array of fans under each radiator to siphon more heat from them faster. So I could sense the temperature of the room and regulate accordingly.

new soldering iron

I have made do with a really crappy Chinese "soldering station" that has a whooping one knob to "control temperature". So for the longest time I have wished to have a nice new quickly heating and temperature controlled soldering iron.. Unfortunately I am too poor to cash out a few hundred dollars for a real one. So I am going to make one myself. Probably a hakko iron, self made controller and a beefy power supply.. Shouldn't be too hard. I only have a mockup of a pcb so far. I haven't even decided if I want the fancy T-series or a regular 907...

PCB drill press

I am in a need for a really precise drill press that I could drill pcb vias and other holes with. So my only natural solution is to make it myself. Unfortunately it'll be a manual one, I don't have room for a CNC one. I'll make it out of linear bearings, a metal stand with a leaver and of a fairly powerful motor for its size. I'll have to design a custom chuck, probably something like Dremel uses..

And yeah, that's it for now. Not done with the projects list but those were the major ones that I hope to get done sometime for sure. I have a lot of ideas, about a hundred projects on my mind and some written down.. I just can't be bothered to write them all over here.. Maybe sometime in the future I will take time to make a nice list of all of the projects and ideas I have going on.