Friday, April 19, 2013


This is my official blog. My name is Renee Undrits and I have gone by the name Esai since 2003. Before that I was knows as Yase. Unfortunately I didn't really like that so I renamed myself. At some places I'm also publicly known as Mortesar.
I'm quite big on security. For example I'm using different passwords nearly everywhere and on some places I'm rotating them. Also I really like multi-factor authentication and one time passwords because it lets me have an automatically rotating password without any manual intervention.
I love electronics. I like creating and coming up with all kinds of devices.
Also I deal a lot with computer hardware.
My main OS is Windows 8, but I am quite ok in Linux. I like sneaking into networks just for the sake of it. I have a rather sophisticated network at home with multiple ISPs and many computers. I'm using a network management software to control it all. It's really easy to set up and use. Just have to keep it updated :)
Basically I'm just a regular 19 year old who lives with parents and has interest in electronics instead of cars or bikes.
I got my first computer when I was 6 years old. Been on them ever since, constantly learning and improving skills.
I can easily read nearly every higher level programming language. It's harder to write but with a cheatsheet one can accomplish many feats...
My main languages are C++ and Java.
I have learnt everything I know about electronics by myself. Physics lessons at school were quite dull. Which usually meant that my marks were bad. But having good marks has never been my ambition. It was always about learning what I was interested in. I was rather good in Chemistry lessons.. untill all I had learnt just clicked into place and I felt I don't need to learn any further details. I've always been quite slow in math. I am really good at problem solving but I always see many possibilities ergo, it takes time to solve things. Also I'm more interested in the problem itself than in solving it. Of cource I get some things wrong while because I am used to doing things in my head rather than on paper - complex things get messed up. But that's what I have computers for :)
Most math problems are easily solved using simple formulas.
I'll try to tag my posts nicely so this would be an organised library. I was also considering a wiki but this blog is probably going to include details about my personal life in addition to what I created it for - my projects.
I'm from Estonia.