Monday, April 22, 2013


Now I know what's wrong and I'm working on fixing it. Basically that means a format for my phone and then restoring apps after a clean os install. Easy but time consuming.
At least I have something to do while waiting, My hdd in my 7 years old laptop finally gave up today. It's unfortunately my main development machine. So I just finished recovering data, I got about 98% of it xD
So that means I'll need a new hdd along with building everything up from nothing. I have no idea which os files might be damaged :/
If I would use old ones, I'm afraid it'd be unstable.
Luckily Sunday night against Monday is my backup night so all of my projects are safe. But still.. It's a lot of work.
News on other fronts... I'm sick, probably common cold but it feels quite awful.
And I nearly got run over yesterday evening, I was walking home from mall and didn't notice a car(It's headlights were off, It's a law here to have them on at all times.). Luckily I jumped back and the car drove past me. It was scary none the less.

I'm still in the middle of designing a circuit board for a cc3000 TI WiFi module as part of my automated room system. It has a special package, It's like a qfn (quad flat no-leads) only that it's a rectangle not a square where one side has ten pins and the other seven. Also there are ground pins in corners and middle underside. So it'll be a double sided PCB that I'm going to make by hand. It'll be my second hand made circuit board so I have no idea how it'll come out. My first one was quite fine but I had a lot of space to work with. This is going to be more of a breakout board with all needed components on it.

I'll need another one for the system, as the main board. Right now it's just a mess of wires.
Sometime in the future I might consider replacing it with a cheap netbook/RasPi or something like that. But right now I think it'd be a little overkill. A remotely programmable microprocessor is more than enough for a hand full of sensors and relays. It's an ATxmega32A4, I'm sick of PICs xD